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William Lewis, James & Liam Foy launched Lewis & Foy Lettings in 2018.

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William has spent years growing his substantial property portfolio alongside being a Chartered Surveyor. His experience as an investor became increasingly frustrating by the consistent issues caused by property managers and letting agents. We calculate he has probably used most of them at one time or another!

Liam has a somewhat unconventional background to what you may expect. Liam carries a wealth of software and technological expertise. A director of the James Foy Group, Liam has utilised his experience to enhance his families business providing highly efficient customer service.

James Foy is fundamental to Lewis & Foy Lettings. With over 40 years in construction and maintenance, his experience will be of benefit to both landlords and tenants. He has an established reputation in the city and widely recognised within the industry.

Gemma, Liam's partner, runs the office with a small team. Gemma comes from a background of training and customer service.

William, Liam and James came together over a dodgy boiler installation. While William tried to drive down the cost of a new boiler, James and his team impressed through their customer service. Only now does William admit that if 'you pay cheap, you pay twice'!

Over an overly expensive coffee, and an impromptu gathering at a local property auction, it became clear that the three shared a love of property, each from slightly divergent angles and experiences. James and Liam have undertaken lots of work for letting agents and had their own frustrations toward agents using second-rate systems and having chaotic processes, which inevitably led to miscommunication and problems. The vast majority of property letting agents use sub-contractors. They do not possess the experience to manage tradespeople. This ensures, by definition, they have no authority over the sub-contractors. Importantly, no control over costings or quality.

During the afternoon it became increasingly apparent we had all been having similar ideas about starting a letting agency. We also agreed the coffee was rubbish.

Together, the three wise men decided they could create a business with customer service, transparency and efficiency at the forefront.

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