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Landlord Rent Insurance

Rent Protection Product

As the owner of the property, our rent protection service can provide you with protection should an incident occur resulting in your tenants not fulfilling their rental obligations. As we are collecting the rental payments for your property, we hold the insurable interest to be able to purchase this product. While you may be the beneficiary for all legal purposes, we are the policyholder and the obligations and terms, and conditions of the policy relate to us. If the tenant falls into rent arrears and continues to default, we will seek to obtain vacant possession of the property and maintain rental payments in accordance with our service, as outlined to you.

What does the service provide?

  • Rental payment for up to 15 payments (maximum of £2,500 per month) whilst the tenants remain occupying your property.
  • Selected property legal disputes.
  • Eviction costs.
  • Vacant Possession cover for 3 months at 75% of the rental amount.

What is not covered by the product?

  • Any existing rental arrears.
  • Any claims which occur within the first 60 days of the product start date, should the tenancy have started prior to the product start date and no preceding comparable cover been in force
  • Any claims which have not occurred during the product period stated above.
  • Any claim not notified to the insurers within 60 days of the first missed payment or insurable incident.

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