Property Management in Liverpool & Merseyside

Our local office in Liverpool

We are experts in Property Management.

Property management is our passion. It is not just a division of our business, it is our sole business!

We specialise in property management only - we are not dilute by sales. Our team are exceptionally proud of the systems we have put in place to ensure a cost-effective, efficient service for your benefit.

The property management department is 100% dedicated to managing our clients properties. Their tasks include:

  • Rent Collection
  • CP12 & EICRs
  • EPC – Energy Performance Certificates
  • Checking tenants into and out of properties
  • Carrying out regular inspections of your property
  • Liaising with landlords, tenants and contractors
  • Being on call 24/7 for emergencies
  • Prompt processing of rental payments
  • Dealing with any issues at end of tenancy

We believe that quality property management is the solution to obtaining maximum rental returns on your property. It is right to assert that the majority of tenants insist on only renting managed properties, as they want the security of knowing that there will always be backup support systems in place for them; indeed, corporate tenants will only rent from managing agents.

Instructing Lewis & Foy to manage your property provides you peace of mind that both your property and tenant will be cared for 24/7. Our dedicated management team will look after the general day to day management of your property together with more complex issues such as emergency repairs, the collection of rent, transfer of utilities – all the jobs that you would need to do if you were and hands-on landlord, and many more besides.

Property Inspections

An essential function of the management department is to conduct property inspections. We believe that regular Property Inspections allow an efficient way of preventing problems from formulating up during a tenancy. Attending and resolving small issues at an early stage helps to avoid more significant issues at the time of termination of the tenancy.

We conduct the initial Property Inspection to our managed properties approximately one month after the tenant has been checked into the property. During this visit, we assess the property for any routine maintenance work requirements; verify that the house is being looked after by the tenant; that only the people contained on the tenancy agreement are living in the property, including that only pets accepted by the landlord are present.

Afterwards, a report of our conclusions will be presented to the landlord following each inspection. We usually take the opportunity to discuss requirements for any on-going maintenance, avoiding void periods (intervals between lets) are always kept to a minimum.


A crucial part of our model is to ensure a cost-effective maintenance service. We utilise our internal James Foy Group of tradesmen. However, we do realise that Landlords may want to use an alternate contractor, or there are some jobs that the James Foy Group cannot undertake. In that case, any contractors we use will be vetted to ensure that they possess suitable experience for the applicable professional, or trade qualifications (where necessary).

We have a duty under Section 11 of the 1985 Landlord & Tenant Act, and we take this duty extremely seriously.

Client Account Management

A critical section of our Management Department is our Client Account Team who liaises with our landlords. They focus primarily on the following tasks:

  • Punctual processing of rental payments – we process the payments within a few days of the funds clearing into our account. We guarantee landlords can get their payments as quickly as possible.
  • Issuing detailed statements of accounts & information for our clients tax returns by post or email
  • Arrangement and facilitation of annual rent increases

Rent increases are a sensitive area that some landlords find challenging to deal. We will be happy to take the problem out of your hands. Once the landlord has indicated his or her preferences, we will put in place the processes to implement the landlords' wishes.