Our local office in Liverpool

Letting Property in Liverpool & Merseyside

First Time Landlord

Letting property can be daunting. We are a small privately owned company with experienced staff who would be delighted to guide you through the whole experience in a professional, friendly and efficient manner. We can visit you at the property to receive an appraisal. We can discuss the anticipated rental value and whether any work is required to be compliant with the appropriate legislation.

The subsequent action is to determine how much involvement you wish to maintain in the property moving forth. If for example you are not local to the property or want Lewis & Foy to be the primary contact for tenants, our Full Management Service will probably satisfy your requirements. If, however, you would like our assistance to find a tenant and then manage the property yourself, our Let Only Service would be most suitable. Our Rent Collection Service is a central ground which can be beneficial for local landlords who do not desire to be concerned in collecting the rent but are comfortable for tenants to call them directly with any issues.

Experienced Landlords

Whether you have one property or 50, we would be pleased to appraise your properties to ensure your portfolio is working effectively for you. We are always looking for an opportunity to discuss how we may decrease your expenses and if possible increase your rents. As you will see from our "Why Us" page, we can offer you a very distinct service to other agents. Further, we will tailor the service to your requirements. We appreciate some landlords wish to know immediately when the latest rent is received while others prefer it entered into their account and only hear from us when there is a problem.

Accidental Landlords

In the United Kingdom, accidental landlords are individuals who have unintentionally become property owners/landlords. This generally happens when a person inherits a property or cannot sell it and decides to rent it out instead.

Becoming a landlord can be complex, especially for those unfamiliar with the regulations and requirements of renting a property and the rental market conditions. Fortunately, there are property management companies who can assist accidental landlords in renting their properties and ensuring that they comply with all necessary regulations - that's us!

Our letting agents regularly provide expert guidance and support to accidental landlords. We understand that becoming a landlord can be overwhelming, and we are here to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible if you decide to rent your property. We can assist you in bringing the property up to standard if required, including regulation and safety standards, ensuring that the property meets safety standards and that all necessary paperwork (CP12s, EICR, EPC etc) is completed accurately.